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  • What are the benefits of Natural Jade?

    Some of the benefits offered by natural jade are given below:

    • By applying gentle pressure, it boosts and stimulates circulation. Your facial muscle is sure to feel much more relaxed & rejuvenated.
    • Toxins are eliminated in the process, thus allowing lifting effect & gentle toning.
    • Lymphatic drainage is encouraged, which in turn improves your skin’s detoxification process naturally.
    • Good tools for facial massage, it's known for being an amazing stress reliever and helps with the anti-aging process. Practicing it regularly can help provide relief to tension and also make you appear & feel young & fresh.
    • Natural cooling sensation offered makes your skin calm, depuff and also helps soothe inflammation.
  • Are silicone face brushes good for acne?

    Why silicone face cleansers are considered special?

    If you want to know the secret to how to get rid of acne, then you can start using silicone face cleansers. The following are a few of the reasons for its being termed special and popular among its users.

    • Ultra-hygienic: Silicone bristles unlike that of nylon ones are stated to be non-porous. This means they resist bacterial build-up, thus being 35 times much more hygienic when compared to the standard nylon brushes. It is also a super clean and completely safe option when cleansing your skin and is above comparison. It is definitely the winner.
    • Amazing feel: Silicones have unique fluid properties and hence, it's used for improving overall appearance, feel as well as the performance of skincare products used. It also enhances results obtained from other ingredients. Moreover, it does benefit the skin and makes it more radiant and smoother, while filling in pores and lines.
  • Can You Use Silicone Face Brush Everyday?

    Is it possible to use a silicone face brush every day?

    Yes! Using a branded silicone facial brush made from the best quality materials will allow you to use it every day. Whether you have sensitive or normal skin, you can enjoy using this tool and derive immense benefits. You can use it for your décolletage and neck. Your face is sure to get that natural glow and feel refreshed & rejuvenated.

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