10 common mistakes you make when washing your face


It is important to wash your face regularly. Although the task appears to be simple, there are some common mistakes committed. Even after washing your face, you may find that your skin lacks that freshness.

10 common mistakes to avoid

  • NOT WASHING ENOUGH: Perhaps you wash excessively fast, thus not cleaning properly all corners of your face. This will only mean, dirt and dust remain on your face and will make you appear tired and unfresh.


  • RINSING WITH HOT WATER: Avoid washing your face with hot water! Doing so will make your skin to become dry. Moreover, your glands are compelled to produce excessive oil to fight sudden dryness. If you have rosacea or acne, hot water will make you appear red or flushed.


  • NOT REMOVING MAKEUP FIRST: Washing your face does not dissolve your makeup. Rather, you need to wipe it away physically. Wipe your skin using facial sponge while rinsing cleanser off. Then pat dry your face. It is crucial for night-time wash as sleeping with makeup will not allow your facial skin to rejuvenate.


  • NOT RINSING COMPLETELY: Watch out the edge of the face and corners, not rinsing the entire face means residue cleanser on your face, imagine you just apply your skincare products on a layer of cleanser.


  • USING THE WRONG CLEANSER: You need to choose the right skincare products that match your skin type to have flawless skin. Skin types include acne-prone, oily or dry. There are available different products to match each skin type. Using the wrong one will only strip the skin of its natural oil.


  • EXFOLIATING TOO HARD OR NOT AT ALL: Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cell build-up, which in turn helps facial products to work better on the skin. But overly exfoliating will only do harm. It may cause irritation, flakiness and dryness.


  • WASHING WITH DIRTY HANDS: If you wash your face with dirty hands, it will not provide the desired benefits. Dirt in your hand will only get transferred to your face, which can result in acne and pimples. Soap your hands first before washing your face, washing them together doesn't work!


  • NOT MOISTURIZING IMMEDIATELY: It is important to apply a good quality moisturizer on your face right after washing it. Otherwise, your skin will become hard and dry.


  • RUBBING WITH TOWEL: You need to use a soft towel to pat dry your face after washing. Rough towels will only damage your skin and also make it dry.


  • USING DIRTY TOWEL: Dirty towels will be filled with harmful germs & bacteria that will only cause unhealthy skin.

Understanding the common mistakes and following a well-planned skincare routine will help you to have beautiful looking and supple facial skin.



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