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About Klean Beauty

Klean Beauty is a skincare beauty brand focused on providing the best solutions to reset the skin back to its healthiest state for everyone. Our products are patented design with skincare breakthrough technology to make sure the products are effective and unique!

Check our About Klean Page to read more and our product page – Pure Spa. 

What You Get

Earn up to 20% Commission for Each Sale

We value our influencers and will make sure you are rewarded highly.

First Person Receiving the New Products

When Klean Beauty launches new products, you will be the first one to receive and promote them.

A Unique Promo Code

you will get the commission from everyone who used your code.

Access to Special Offers

You will have full access to our offers to pass along to your customers. It's another good way to encourage your audience. 

Full Support from Our Klean Affiliate Team

We are always here. Any questions, suggestions, or feedback, we are happy to hear them all and provide you the full support.

Let’s Build This Brand TOGETHER!

Klean Beauty is still a new thing for everyone. It’s exciting because we can build this together! We want to send you our product free as a little “Nice to meet you” gift.
To build the image, we are also hoping you can help us make the brand stronger by starting with 2 posts when you receive our gift: 

1. Post an unboxing video/picture in your story
2. Take a beautiful selfie with the product for a post 

We believe it's a good start to make a strong brand image for your audiences and Klean Beauty.

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How It Works

  • Fill out the form in below 
  • We will contact you after reviewing your profile with more details, including your personal promo code
  • Use your promo code to share Klean Products on your social media, blog, or any channels that will direct people to Klean website.
  • Get paid on your commission (YAY!)


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Please Note: Klean Beauty currently only sells in the US.