Are silicone face brushes good for acne?


You may have heard about silicone face cleanser and want to know if it is good for acne treatment. Industry experts consider silicone to be the secret to deriving highly effective, gentle clean.

Silicone cleanser is softer to be much better for your sensitive skin. An extremely durable, ultra-soft touch, naturally bacteria resistant and 100% waterproof material is what you may seek. If so, then silicone is regarded to be among the top hygienic material available for skincare devices. They are reliable and also provide the best cleaning results.


Why silicone face cleansers are considered special?

If you want to know the secret to how to get rid of acne, then you can start using silicone face cleansers. The following are a few of the reasons for its being termed special and popular among its users.

  • Ultra-hygienic: Silicone bristles unlike that of nylon ones are stated to be non-porous. This means they resist bacterial build-up, thus being 35 times much more hygienic when compared to the standard nylon brushes. It is also a super clean and completely safe option when cleansing your skin and is above comparison. It is definitely the winner.
  • Amazing feel: Silicones have unique fluid properties and hence, it's used for improving overall appearance, feel as well as the performance of skincare products used. It also enhances results obtained from other ingredients. Moreover, it does benefit the skin and makes it more radiant and smoother, while filling in pores and lines.
  • Durable: Silicone cleansing brushes not only offers the best face wash for acne and soft on touch, but also is designed to last long. Traditionally used nylon-based face brush heads tend to experience bacteria build-up, thereby requiring regular replacement every few months. On the other hand, silicone brush heads can be found to be durable and never require replacement.
  • Super soft: Silicone material is undoubtedly super soft, the reason why many brands have made it their primary material when designing skincare products. It is gentle and great on the skin. It also suits highly sensitive skin. Silicone touchpoints designed on the devices are just perfect to offer deep and gentle exfoliation. Such touchpoints combined with pulsations do help to eliminate oil & dirt from the skin amounting to about 99.5%.



Klean Beauty offers Pure Spa that will be sure to solve your acne worries! Pure Spa is made by soft silicone which is super gentle for your skin. The vibration technology is very powerful in that the 9,600 vibrations per minute reduce oil congestion and the appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores. 

Pure Spa also has natural jade on another side, which will calm your skin and help your skincare products absorb more effectively. 


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