Simple 5+1 Steps to Have Clear Skin


You may be searching for a skincare routine that works perfectly for you. With so many skincare regimens available on the web, finding the best one can be really challenging. More importantly, you should find the routine that works for your lifestyle, so it can be part of you.

Let's start with some basic steps to have a healthy and clear complexion, then you can extend the steps to find your perfect skincare routine.

Cleanse: You should wash your face twice a day. Tip: using a good face brush will enhance the cleanse and make sure your skin gets a deeper absorption. It helps remove pollutants, dirt, oil and sweat from your skin. You need to perform this task morning & evening. This will clear all pores and freshen up your face. The type of cleanser to choose will depend upon your skin type. Apply it in circular, upward motions to avoid wrinkle formation.

Toner: After cleansing your skin, the next step is to use a toner to eliminate residues, oils or makeup leftover by the cleanser. Your skin is now in better shape to absorb moisturizer as well as reduce pore appearance. Few toners could come with antiseptic and PH balancing effects. Apply toner immediately after cleansing the skin, when still damp to derive the best effects.

Exfoliate: With exfoliation, you can remove dead skin cells that generally accumulate in the pores. It is also effective against breakouts, acne and blackheads. It should be done before moisturizing & after toning. It is better done 1-3 times in a week, which again depends upon how your skin type reacts to it. Don't exfoliate too hard, we will recommend using 1/5 of the pressure you use to wash your face.

Moisturize: It offers the skin with a protective layer to retain moisture and keep it hydrated. With proper hydration, your skin appears luminous and smooth. The moisturizer should match your skin type and can be a gel, lotion or cream. Massage it gently in upward motions. Use moisturizer having SPF with a minimum 15 for daytime.

Apply SPF: Harsh rays of the sun can damage your skin and also cause skin cancer. Hence, the moisturizer should have SPF. After moisturizer, you can also apply sunscreen to protect your skin and maintain healthy, youthful visage. To face heavy sun exposure, use higher SPF.

Bonus Tip! Don’t Pick Your Face: I know it's really, really hard to live the zit alone when you found it. For the health of your skin, you need to resist it!
Picking or popping your face exposes the pore to even more bacteria, including those from your hands. It also increases the risk of infection or scarring. It will also affect other parts of your face. 

Periodical skin checks should be part of the regimen. You should consult an expert having sufficient experience and expertise in the domain to track & detect unwanted changes in your skin & take care of the issue immediately. 

Following the above routine can help you to enjoy having beautiful looking skin.

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